Toy Cities Brings You New Music for the Summer

The Brooklyn-based group Toy Cities has released a new song just in time for your summery, beachy, good-vibes. Their track “Basement” is an up tempo track heavy in synth and snare, but with a mellow, soothing vocal, that stunningly resembles that of classic Morrissey.

Their lyrics come off as somewhat melancholy, but when you take a closer look, the message of the song is actually pretty uplifting. It’s the idea that in a basement you’re able to feel comfortable and secure, but in that state there’s also no room to grow. The narrative provides, I’m sure, a familiar feeling to all of us, and a tremendous amount of imagery.

This is the first new song we’ve heard from Toy Cities in awhile, after the release of their debut album, Via Death in 2014. Coming up next for the band is the release of their new EP, Ocean Bloom which will be dropping on Tuesday, July 19th.

Thankfully, until then we have this feel-good track to tide us over. 

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