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Fernando Garcia

Founder & Owner

Based in the Bronx, Fernando spent his younger years part of a community that opened his eyes to a thriving music scene and a world of possibilities within the music industry. In developing his career, he's had the opportunity to work with industry experts, iconic music festivals, and artists of all genres. Focusing on bridging the gap between the indie and major scenes Fernando aims to make The Fox and King more than just a brand, but a movement. As an avid lover of the alternative, catch him at show downtown and be prepared to talk shop over a good beer.

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Christopher Vasquez

Public Relations & Co-Owner

Growing up in northwest Yonkers, Chris was exposed to an array of music genres and artists from some of the greatest music eras of our time. His experience in public relations, content marketing, and social media strategies has helped The Fox and King develop a range of services that have included audience engagement, branding, social media engagement, and media relations. His passion for business, entrepreneurialism, and the arts has made him a rising star within the music industry, with hopes of bringing success to new and emerging artists.

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