Music Video Spotlight: Jetta - "Take It Easy" (Matstubs Remix)


Jetta is an English indie artist from the streets of Liverpool, a place notorious for being the homeland of so many amazing artists. (Need I mention The Beatles?) A couple of years ago, in 2013, Jetta gained recognition for her song, “Feels Like Coming Home” and began touring here in the states along festivals such as SXSW (South By Southwest) in Austin, Texas. She was then signed to Republic Records and afterwards released her EP, Start A Riot.

On the EP, one stand out track is “Take It Easy”. The song itself takes after it’s title with it’s feel-good, silky melody. After the release of Start A Riot, the track was remixed by producer Matstubs. The remix alone gained immediate traction on YouTube, gaining over 10 million views in less than three months, and now standing high at over 24 million.

The video released last week on Tuesday, July 12th and it is definitely worthy of the remix itself. The visual narrative is edgy and beautiful with a subtle sense of lost innocence. Jetta herself makes her way through the video while interacting with a choreographed team of young gymnasts at what appears to be a school auditorium. It's a different narrative from the original song, but it definitely works.

Watch the music video for Jetta's "Take It Easy" Remix here and let us know what you think.

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