All The Way From Nashville, Jet Black Alley Cat Blew New York City Away


On a Saturday night mission to find what was next in the New York City music scene, we stumbled across something amazing at the very well-known Lower East Side venue, Pianos. We had no idea who would be playing that night or what genres were in store for us but all it took was simply seeing the name of the opening band on the night's bill - Jet Black Alley Cat. After heading upstairs to the second stage of the venue we sat down, ordered some drinks and prepared ourselves to hear exactly what this group was about. When vocalist Joe Wilkinson ran through some vocal warm-ups the entire floor stood attention to see what was in store, and needless to say, they put on one of the best shows we saw that night. 

Coming out of Nashville, Tennessee on a tour stop in New York City, the self-proclaimed "Vintage-Pop/Rock-Groove" group had the crowds dancing with every song and jumping with every snare beat. We were hypnotized throughout the entire performance by the powerful echoing vocals, the catchy melodies, and the unique indie/dance vibes that were reminiscent of late night dance clubs, crowded venues at 2AM, and roaming the streets after leaving the bar. Their latest single, ROXY, especially caught our attention. The group truly comes together on this one in every way between the narrative lyrics and vintage electric sounds. Not only is this radio quality music, it's what Top 40 music should aspire to be.

The five-piece band consists of Joe on vocals, Zach Douglas and Christian Harrison on guitar, Cristofer Johnson on bass, with Bryant Lowry on drums. Catch them on tour June 4th at The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA and June 13th at The Rebel Lounge in Phoenix, AZ. Watch their premier film for ROXY below:

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