Concerts, concerts, and more concerts. That’s all a gal from Yonkers like Diana Rendón thinks about on a weekly basis. With an impressive collection of over 75 concert ticket stubs, it’s no wonder her passion for live shows and performances have landed her a position at the Fox and King.  She developed a keen ear for music at nine years old by playing the flute in school, writing music, and attending tons of various concerts from 2004 onwards. However, doubting music would take her anywhere; she chose instead to pursue her BA in Communications & Advertising with a Minor in Digital Media and a Masters in lnformation Systems. Although she excelled in both degrees, Diana still found herself yearning for something more. The sound of a guitar plugging into an amp, packing into a small venue, and the feeling of experiencing the sounds you love in person. These are just some of the few things that have drawn Diana to where she is today.  She’s ready to use her knowledge of the contemporary music scene and her understanding of what sells to scout new bands, explore new music, and bring in emerging artists for future.