Jules and The Jinks is the brainchild of first generation native New Yorkers Julissa Lopez and Erik Rosenberg. Despite Julissa being a Dominican from The Bronx and Erik being Jewish and raised on the Upper West Side, the two were united by their love of Otis Redding, Etta James, and Led Zeppelin.

Though they flirt with various genres from Blues to Funk to Afro-Pop, the music of Jules and The Jinks is best described as Soul.

Lopez and Rosenberg use the characters, storylines, and melodies of their songs to evoke familiar yet powerful emotions. Jules and The Jinks self-released their eponymous debut EP on November 7, 2015. AFROPUNK has described the record as "effortlessly chill" and declared the EP's lead single, No Compromise, "...a song that deserves to be blaring from car speakers while driving through borough blocks."

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