Logan Vath Speaks of Long Journeys and Missing Home on "Better Man or Ghost"


Logan Vath is the kind of artist that doesn’t require anything. You hand him a guitar, a place to sing, and soon he’s made that place a concert, and the guitar his band. He’s a folk singer, but more than that, he’s a writer; Logan uses words and imagery to create a tone on his album which are as simple and harsh as coming home.

On his debut album, Better Man or Ghost, he takes you on a long, quiet journey as he looks back on his past and reminisces about his home. On tracks such as “This Far From Home” and “Still Me” you can hear the distance in his voice.

Vath is a solid vocalist who uses his own guitar skills as the foundation of his songs. The combined efforts of his acoustic guitar and the raw sound of his voice are soothing and smooth as he dances with ideas of death and loneliness.

Buy, share, and download Better Man or Ghost on Bandcamp today. The lyrics are also available to read on the site, which make for a touching read, full of strain, strength and truth. 

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